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Will Pills Cure Your Teen’s Anxiety? - A friend of Rep. 's teenage son is alleging that an accident, in which Tyler Boebert was driving, left him with multiple concussions and a debilitating hand injury - and accused the political family of covering it up. 
On Monday, 19-year-old Noble D'Amato, who was hospitalized with concussions and a severely lacerated hand after Tyler, now 18, took a curve too fast and flipped his father's SUV into a creek bed at 11:30 p.m.

on Saturday, September 17. 
D'Amato alleges that the injuries left him unable to continue his welding career. 
'I still have problems with my hand,' he told Westword, a Denver-based publication. 'My thumb almost got cut off.
It prevented me from getting a welding job, because I can't hold a TIG torch anymore. I'm a personal-care provider now.' 
D'Amato says the younger Boebert -  - was 'stone cold sober' at the time of the accident. 'And he still f**king flipped us,' D'Amato said.

'That shows you how much he just doesn't care. He was driving so f**king fast.'   
D'Amato's backpack contained unprescribed Buy Xanax 1mg Online pills and a 'silver marijuana grinder w/small amount of marijuana,' which got the 19-year-old charged with unlawful possession of a schedule IV controlled substance and drug paraphernalia.
A friend of Rep.

Lauren Boebert's (left) teenage son is alleging that an accident, in which Tyler Boebert (rihgt) was driving, left him with multiple concussions and a debilitating hand injury - and accused the political family of covering it up
'I remember waking up with blood pouring out of my hand.
I had put my hands up in the air to protect myself and got messed up really bad by the window or something. I was just glad to be alive,' D'Amato said. 
Tyler, Westword reported, got a careless driving ticket, which was later dropped down to a 'defective vehicle for headlights' ticket after the teenager accepted a plea deal. 
He had to go through a court-ordered driving school, dubbed 'Alive at 25,' and attend a court hearing on Monday, which is how news of the accident got out. 
Boebert's Congressional office infuriated D'Amato by releasing a statement to Westword, downplaying his injuries in an April 4 statement. 
'The injury reported was superficial at best and was addressed by medical professionals out of caution,' Boebert's office said. 
D'Amato said the statement was 'bulls**t,' and said it was likely the congresswoman who was trying to sweep the severity of his injuries under the rug.
'She's never liked me,' D'Amato said.

'But that doesn't give them the right to try and hide the fact that I was injured. They just don't give a f**k. It's the entire family.'

Lauren Boebert's (pictured) Congressional office infuriated accident victim Noble D'Amato, 19, by releasing a statement downplaying the extent of his injuries after the congresswoman's son flipped a vehicle into a creek bed 
Boebert's office's statement also said 'the incident involved two minors,' which is inaccurate, as D'Amato was 19 when the crashed occurred.  
When it happened, Tyler was still 17 and a minor, and thus his name was redacted.
When he turned 18 in March, the official report and case file became public. 
Tyler's father, Jayson Boebert, is listed as the owner of the black 2020 Ford Expedition that he crashed into the creek bed. 
Westword reported that investigators said the 17-year-old 'failed to negotiate a left-hand curve in the roadway and traveled off of the right side of the roadway' before 'entering into a creek bed' and overturning '1/2 of a rotation.'
Tyler told that police that he and D'Amato were on their way to a 'gathering' and he was attempting to look at the 'pin drop' on his phone when the accident occurred.  
'I was giving my friend a ride up to a campsite or something and was taking the corner too fast and before I noticed it was too late,' the young Boebert told cops.

'I locked up the breaks [sic] and it slid across the gravel into the creek then tipped over.' 
'Side airbags deployed, and my friend cut his hand open and hit his head,' Tyler said.
He told police another truck stopped by to help them and another car brought them down to get service. 
D'Amato was taken by ambulance to Valley View Hospital in Glenwood Springs, Colorado and interviewed by police where he told them he had taken 'a bar' - meaning Xanax - earlier in the evening, claiming to have gotten it 'from a Mexican at a skate park in Rifle,' Colorado. 
Officers observed D'Amato was acting 'impaired on a substance as eyes were dilated, speech was rapid [and] incoherent to slow [and] mumbling.' 
D'Amato insisted that Tyler was sober at the time of the accident.
'It's the fame,' D'Amato said was the younger Boebert's problem.

'He doesn't give a f**k.'  
Since the accident, D'Amato said he's been working on his sobriety and to get others clean. 
'Tyler is a good kid. I certainly wish that he and the family could take responsibility for what he did, because I know he didn't mean to do it.
It was an accident. But the fact that they're downplaying it like this is something else. Superficial injuries? I got multiple concussions. My thumb was almost cut off. I couldn't hold a torch. It prevented me from getting a welding job,' he said. 'So, yeah, harm was definitely done.' 
 D'Amato said if it was up to Tyler 'and he didn't have his mom affecting his mind so aggressively - he'd take responsibility and not act like it wasn't a big deal.' 
'But he's the son of Lauren Boebert,' the 19-year-old added.

'If I did what he did, I'd still be in jail.'