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The Audi Convenience Key and Audi Advanced Key

If you'd like to avoid the hassle of searching through your pockets for the car keys that are physically present, the Audi convenience key is the solution. It's an access and authorization system that is available through the WB3 Comfort and Sound package on specific Audi models.

The feature works by using sensors in the doors and trunk lids that work in conjunction with key radio pulse generators. They are activated when you open the trunk or turn the door handle. This eliminates the necessity for a key that is physically held.

Keyless Entry

A convenient benefit that lets you not scour purses and pockets to find a car key that is tangible, Audi Advanced Key is an electronic system that allows drivers to unlock their vehicle doors and start their engine without having their actual key with them. This feature is especially useful for people who carry around groceries, placing children in and out carseats, and transporting large furniture or electronic devices.

It operates by using proximity sensors installed in the doors and trunk lids of cars, and radio pulse generators in the key. As soon as you approach the car, the system detects your presence and sends an alert to the key, which activates its internal motor and opens the doors or trunk.

You can also open the trunk using the key or a button integrated into the door handle. If your car is equipped with the powered tailgate option, you can even operate it using simply a kick gesture to the rear.

In the end you will realize that your Audi convenience key is just a small piece of technology that can contribute to an overall enjoyable driving experience every Virginia Beach drive. Over time the battery will wear out. If your car's keyfob isn't functioning as it is supposed to and you're looking for a solution, an Audi key replacement could be an easy and quick fix.

Push-Button Start

Audi is a company which is known for pushing the boundaries when it comes to adding technology and convenience to their cars. The standard intelligent key and the advanced key are two options that make getting into your car easier and safer than ever before.

The advanced key has proximity sensors that connect to your car's doors and trunk to unlock your car when it is within five feet of the vehicle. It also has a button start that allows you to get going without digging around in your purse or pockets for the keys.

However the advanced key won't allow you to start your car from a distance like remote start systems because of the legal requirements in Germany, where Audi is located. In Germany, it is illegal to leave a car running while not in the driver's chair.

Fortunately, you can still enjoy the benefits of a push-button start on your Audi by installing an aftermarket system that uses the same technology as the advanced key. It's not too expensive to add to your vehicle and can be an excellent aid when you are loading groceries into the trunk or strapping kids into their car seats.

Door Locks

It's not a huge perk, but helps drivers who need to carry large bags or grocery items in their cars. It also eliminates the need to rummage through pockets or bags for your keys. If parents are trying to get a crew of kids ready to jump into the car, it could be a major help.

The system is activated by proximity sensors in the trunk and door that are linked to radio pulse generators inside the convenience key. The system unlocks your vehicle automatically when you are within five feet. If try what he says 'd like to start the engine, just push the button integrated in the center console.

To lock your car make sure you press one of the sensors buttons on the door handles. The boot lid can be locked using the same method or a simple kicking motion under the rear bumper.

You can also enable central locking through the infotainment system that allows you to control all of the doors and the trunk with your convenience key. When this option is turned on the handles on the driver's side will open when you grip them with your fingers (and closed if you're already inside).

The battery inside the convenience key can last for three years. This is roughly the same as a calculator or watch battery. When it's time for you to replace it, you can do so with any dealer that has the proper authorization from Audi to carry out the replacement.

Trunk Lock

Audi produces some of the world's most beautiful automobiles. Audi's German-made cars are a favorite among enthusiasts of all kinds. But, as with any kind of vehicle they are prone to problems that are sometimes difficult to repair. One issue that is especially irritating is when the trunk lock fails to open. There are a few ways to make the trunk lock work again.

If your trunk lock isn't working, it may be due to a jammed. If this is the case, you'll need to use a tool such as screwdrivers to break the lock loose. Once you have done this, you can try to open the trunk again. If the trunk doesn't open you will need to take your vehicle to a mechanic.

Another reason why the trunk lock isn't working is that the actuator has failed. The actuator is a tiny piece of equipment that opens and closes the trunk by turning the rod. It is comprised of a small motor and two relays with four pins. The problem with these devices is that they may fail for a variety of reasons, and they often need to be replaced.

A short circuit can also cause the actuator to stop functioning. This is a common problem in older vehicles that are more vulnerable to electrical problems. In this situation the best thing you can do is employ a screwdriver in order to remove the trip panel and expose the assembly. If the electrical components have not been fried, they can be replaced and your trunk should work normally again.

If you own a more recent car that has the Audi Advanced Key, then you will need to call your local dealership to have the issue resolved. This is a fantastic way to protect your car from unauthorized users and will eliminate the need to carry a key to unlock your trunk.

The Advanced Key is an advanced security feature that lets the driver unlock the trunk and doors of their vehicle, or even start the vehicle by pressing the button. The system works by utilizing an automatic data exchange between the key and the vehicle, based on proximity sensors inside each trunk and door lid.

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